Best Smartwatches under 3000

Best Smartwatches under 3000 with top class features

Making the “Extraordinary” accessible for you is what we are aiming for. Don’t think twice before getting yourself an Extraordinary Fire-Boltt Smart Watch at affordable prices.

Here’s the list of Best Smartwatches under 3000:

  • Fire-Boltt BEAST
  • Fire-Boltt MAX
  • Fire-Boltt NINJA CALL 2
  • Fire-Boltt TALK

Let’s get to know more about these amazingly affordable Smart Watches under 3000 with their high-end features and looks!

Fire-Boltt BEAST

Fire-Boltt Beast

Product Features:

  • 1.69" HD Full Touch Display
  • 500 Nits Peak Brightness
  • SpO2 Blood Oxygen Monitoring
  • Slick Rotating Button
  • 8 Days Battery Life
  • Fitness & Health Tracking
  • 240*280 Pixels Resolution
  • Quick Access Menu
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Display: Fully Touch, 1.69” High-Definition Display with 240*280 Pixels Resolution. Besides 500 Nits Peak Brightness with the feature of adaptability according to the lighting of the ambience.

Health and Fitness: Heart Rate Tracking, SpO2 Monitoring to monitor the oxygen level in your bloodstream, tracking the number of steps taken and the calories burnt, sleep monitoring, multiple sports modes, meditative breathing, sedentary reminder, etc.

Smart Features: Find my phone feature, Alarm, Remote Music Control, Weather Forecast, Wake Gesture, DND Mode, Screen Brightness, Low Battery Reminder, etc. making it one of the Best Smartwatches under 3000.

Durability: IP67 Water Resistant

Battery Life: 8 days normal usage and 15 days standby time.

Multiple Watch Faces: There is a variety of watch faces from which you can pick your favourite one, according to the vibe of the day.

Colours: Black, Blue, Gold and Pink.

Rotating Button: Slick Rotating Button for easier and quicker access to the menu.

 Fire-Boltt MAX

Fire-Boltt Max

Product Features:

  • 1.78" Full Touch AMOLED Display
  • Multiple Sports Modes
  • 368*448 Pixels Resolution
  • 3 ATM Water Resistant
  • SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) Monitor
  • Music Control
  • Camera Control
  • Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, Reminder, Timer
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Display: 1.78” AMOLED Display along with 2.5D Tempered Glass and 326 PPI Retina Screen. Besides, 368*448 Pixels Resolution, Always-On Display and a Full Metal Body.

Health and Fitness: Tracking the calories burnt and the number of steps taken, monitoring sleep, MULTIPLE SPORTS MODE, tracking heart rate and SpO2 level in the bloodstream, meditative breathing, FEMALE HEALTH CARE, sedentary reminders, etc.

Smart Features: Touch to wake, Lift to wake, Find my phone feature, Call rejection, Music and Camera control, Timer and Alarm, DND and Vibration mode, Weather forecast, etc.

Smart Notification: With this amazing feature of Smart Notification, now you can check the notifications from all sorts of applications like Instagram, Twitter, etc. on your Fire-Boltt Smartwatch. Undoubtedly, it’s the Best Smartwatch under 3000.

Battery Life: 10 days of normal usage and 30 days of standby time.

Durability: 3ATM Water Resistance

Colours: Available in 8 different colours, namely, Black, Grey, Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Astro Navy and Sky Blue.

Multiple Watch Face: There are multiple watch faces available to give you an option of selecting different faces of your Fire-Boltt Smartwatch according to the occasion.

Fire-Boltt NINJA CALL 2

Fire-Boltt Call 2

Product Features:

  • 1.7" Full HD display
  • Bluetooth calling
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Smart Notifications
  • Inbuilt Games
  • Smart Notifications
  • 30 Days Standby Time
  • Spo2 Monitoring
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Display: 1.7” Fully Touch, High-Definition Display with 240*280 Pixels Resolution along with the Adaptable Brightness feature to adjust the brightness of the smartwatch.

Bluetooth Calling and Smart Notification: The amazing feature of Bluetooth Calling enables you to make or receive calls directly from your Fire-Boltt’s Best Smartwatch under 3000.

The feature of Smart Notification assists you to connect the notifications from all sorts of applications like Facebook, Twitter, etc. with your Smart Watch, and you can even reply using the keypad on your Smart Watch itself.

Health and Fitness: Stay active with 27 Sports Mode and monitor your health on an everyday basis with features like activity history including a number of steps taken, sedentary reminders, sleep monitoring, heart rate and SpO2 tracking, calories burnt, etc.

Smart Features: Inbuilt mic and speaker, Play local music, Caller name information, Camera control, Stopwatch Reminder, Timer and Alarm, Vibration and DND mode, Flashlight, Weather forecast, Wake gesture, etc. 

Durability: IP67 Water Resistant

Battery Life: 10 days normal usage, 5 days with Bluetooth Calling and 20 days standby time.

Inbuilt Games: Now, it’s time to make your days exciting with the feature of inbuilt games.

Multiple Watch Faces: With the feature of multiple watch faces, now say goodbye to a mundane lifestyle and style the dial of your watch according to the mood of your day.

Colours: Black, Green, Silver, Red and Blue.


Fire-Boltt Constellation

Product Features:

  • 41mm Dial Size
  • 25 Days Standby Time
  • IP67 Water Resistant
  • Menstrual Reminder
  • In Built Games
  • Blood Oxygen
  • 7 Workout Mode
  • Menstrual Reminder
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Female Health Care: Designed especially for women, considering female health care, like tracking the menstrual cycle with information you provide and notifying you about the Fertile Window, Ovulation Days and Periods. One of the Best Smartwatches for Women under 3000 with the elegant round display of 41mm dial size and remarkedly light-weighted.

Other Health and Fitness Features: 7 active sports modes, heart rate and SpO2 monitoring, tracking the number of steps taken and calories burnt, monitoring your sleep, sedentary reminders, meditative breathing, etc.

Smart Features: Camera and Music control, Inbuilt Games (no more boredom!), Stopwatch and Alarm, weather updates, connect with DA-FIT application on your phone and stay in sync, 1-year warranty, etc.

Durability: IP67 Water Resistance

Battery life: 7 days of normal usage and 15 days of standby time.

Multiple Watch Faces: It’s not only a watch, it’s a fashion statement with its feature of multiple watch faces.

Colours: Black, Pink and Beige.

Fire-Boltt 360

Fire-Boltt 360

Product Features:

  • 1.3" HD Round Dial
  • SpO2 Blood Oxygen Monitoring
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Smart Notifications
  • Inbuilt Games
  • Smart Notifications
  • Full Metallic Body
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
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Display: Fully Touch colour screen with 1.3” round High-Definition display with the feature of adjustable brightness. Alongside, it has a classy Metal Body to enhance the whole look with a 360 Rolling Menu.

Health and Fitness: Inbuilt Pedometer, Heart rate and Sleep monitoring, SpO2 tracking, Female health tracking, tracking the number of steps you take and the number of calories burnt, water and sedentary reminder, MULTIPLE SPORTS MODE, etc.

Smart Features: Inbuilt Games, Wake Gestures, Caller name information and Call Rejection, Stopwatch, Timer and Alarm, Remote music and camera control, Weather forecast, Vibration alert and DND mode, etc.

Durability: IP67 Water Resistant

Battery Life: 8 days for normal usage and 20 days for standby time.

Multiple watch faces: Besides, all these outstanding features, this is one of the Best Smartwatches under 3000 because it has multiple watch faces to add uniqueness to each day.

Colours: Black, Grey and Gold.

Fire-Boltt: India’s No. 1 Wearable Watch Brand takes care of your budget and offers you Smart Watches with premium features and looks within the affordable price range.

Don’t wait anymore and make your life smarter with the Best Smartwatches under 3000!

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