Fire-Boltt Smart watch – A Fashion Statement

Aside from being a versatile, all-purpose device, the Fire-Boltt smartwatch is a stunning fashion statement. Available in a variety of different shapes of dials, i.e., square, rectangular & round, complemented with the finely textured straps.

Starting from pastel and basic shades to warm and deep shades, the variety of colours are there to enhance the essence of each and every occasion. Moreover, with the feature of ‘Multiple Watch Faces’ and ‘Different Menu Layouts’ accessible on the Fire-Boltt Smartwatches, you can bring as much variety and verve to your daily lifestyle as you like.

Shapes of Dials:

  • SQUARE SHAPE DIALS for one of those basic and casual looks when you want to keep it simple but significant. For occasions like a regular work day, a coffee date after the office with friends, a quick visit to the shopping mall, etc.
  • RECTANGULAR SHAPE DIALS for one of those niche-class and elegant events like business parties and formal get-togethers. With a rectangular dial, you can keep it minimalistic, but also make a subtle statement to stand-out!

  • ROUND SHAPE DIALS for those who want to make an impression, but effortlessly! For adventurers and adrenaline seekers, a round shape dial is a perfect choice. Don’t forget, it is one of those conventional and classic dial shapes that we started off with. So, whether you want to make a classic impression or stand-out with a verve of adventure on your wrist, you are all set to go with Fire-Boltt Round Dial Smartwatches.

    Finely Textured Straps:

    The quality and texture of the strap of a smartwatch are one of those defining factors that can make or break a deal. The questions are, ‘how gracefully the strap of your smartwatch folds across your wrist to define the concept of *Right Fit*’, ‘how the texture of the strap keeps the quality and quintessence of the smartwatch intact’ and most importantly ‘how effortlessly you can wear the smartwatch on your wrist with utmost comfort of movement’.


    The answer to all the above-mentioned questions is, ‘FIRE-BOLTT SMARTWATCHES’ with their high-class quality straps.

    Shades for Every Occasion:

    There is a range of diverse colour palettes to enhance the look for every occasion and to complement the essence of your outfit and personality accordingly.

    Starting from the basic and pastel shades to the deep and warm hues, we have everything covered for you under the umbrella of the Fire-Boltt Versatile Collection.

    Colours like Black, Beige, Grey, etc. are for those who want to make a casual appearance. Colours like Red, Green, Blue, etc. are for those who want to make a statement without making it obvious.

    Colours like White, Golden, Silver, etc. are for those who want to make a niche impression.

    Multiple Watch Faces & Menu Layouts:

    With one of the biggest libraries for the options of ‘Inbuilt Watch faces and Menu Layouts’. To match your unique personality, you can mix and match those to create an all-new look for your Fire-Boltt Smartwatch.

    Multiple Watch faces

    The option of customization makes every mood, look and occasion special and helps you to up your fashion and styling game!


    The USP is the artistry in the segment of craftsmanship! Each and every edge and curve has been put in place to make an unmatchable expression.


    The combination of a few attributes used in Fire-Boltt Smartwatches like ‘positioning of hardware features’, ‘the shapes and sizes according to match the whole look and make sense in a more aesthetic way’ and ‘the material used to create a refined illusion’ is a differentiating factor.