Fire-Boltt Smartwatches for Stress Management

Life in the current times is as dynamic and diverse as it could have been. The process of constantly adapting, learning, and growing every step of the way asks for complete well-being, in terms of mental and physical health. Moreover, the intake of nutrition is not like in the old times, unadulterated and rich.

With the deteriorating environmental conditions in terms of food quality, air quality, and water quality, not only physical fitness, but mental health is also suffering as collateral damage.

There’s a saying, “A HEALTHY BODY HAS A HEALTHY MIND.” So, first and foremost, we should aim at making a fit physically built, then focus on enhancing our mental strength.

Health Monitoring

Being in good physical shape takes away a major part of the stress and worry from our lives and definitely helps us gain a sense of confidence and peace. With the help of the following health and fitness features, Fire-Boltt Smartwatches will motivate you to become your healthiest version:

  • Dynamic Heart Rate Tracking: With the help of this feature, the health of your heart is under observation on a 24/7 basis. Designed especially for people who engage in high-intensity workout sessions since it can easily detect when your heart rate goes unusually low or high. A healthy heart rate for adults ranges from 60% to 100% beats per minute.
  • 24/7 SpO2 Monitoring: One of the wisest healthcare decisions is to keep a check on your health stats. Out of which, the Blood Oxygen Levels hold great significance. SpO2 stands for ‘Saturation of Peripheral Oxygen’, meaning, a measurement of oxygen quantity that your blood is carrying as a percentage of the maximum quantity of oxygen that it could possibly carry. A healthy SpO2 ranges between 96% to 99%.
  • Sleep Monitoring: Now you can monitor your sleep patterns from your wrist itself! From the light sleep to deep sleep stages, you are all set to track your sleep cycle to make sure a healthy lifestyle.

Meditative Breathing

With the help of this feature, the Fire-Boltt Smartwatch equips you to practice the perfect breathing technique that opens the door to meditation without putting in extra efforts. All you need to do is, follow the simple instructions given by your smartwatch to unveil the magic of peace and relief via an easy breathing exercise.

Start inhaling from your nose with keeping your mouth close, and count to 4 in your head. Then, hold your breath for another 7 seconds, and finally, exhale completely through your mouth.

Multiple Sports Modes:

With Multiple Sports Modes on Fire-Boltt Smartwatches, you are all set to pick your favourite workout type, outdoor, indoor or water engaging. Yes, you read that correctly, these smartwatches enable you to enjoy water sports as well, as it comes with legitimate IP Rating against dust and water splashes.

This feature helps you to take a look at your fitness improvements and shortcomings with a simple presentation of stats like the number of steps taken, calories burnt or distance covered that is presented on the display itself.

Physical exercises help our body to release ‘the happy hormone’ which is called ‘Endorphins’. With a routine of regular workout sessions, you can beat mental illnesses such as basic levels of depression and anxiety without having to stress over it. Although, you must seek professional help in case of deteriorating health conditions.

Health Reminders:

One of the most advanced features is Health Reminders for movement and hydration. Meaning, your Fire-Boltt Smartwatch can detect if you haven’t moved in a while so it notifies you with a Sedentary Alert on the display. The same is the case for hydration, it keeps giving reminders, so you always stay hydrated and keep your vitals in check.


When a simple yet multi-functional device such as a smartwatch is available to keep a check on your mental and physical fitness, then why pay for frequent visits to medical stores! You can check our smartwatches from a wide collection, categorized accordingly to suit your each and every requirement.