Premium Smart watches Powered by Fire-Boltt

The premium smartwatches introduced by Fire-Boltt are better and smarter than both the fitness trackers and the watches. Since they are the perfect blend of both categories that are delivered to you in a most compact form.

Fire-Boltt Premium Smartwatch is an outstanding accessory with an elegant dial and a textured strap. Also, a multi-functional device that can monitor your health conditions, set multiple alarms and reminders for you, make, receive and reject calls for you, and much more! For Example: 

Visionary, Almighty, Hulk, Supernova & more…

Let’s take a detailed look at these features that make these smartwatches “Premium”!


AMOLED Displays depicting a High-Resolution visual experience is the first thing that you should look for in premium smartwatches. Making every image or graphic look as vivid as you wish is nothing less than a delight for your eyes.

Bluetooth Calling:

The feature of Bluetooth Calling on your smartwatch has made the process of communication a lot easier than it has ever been. Significant attributes that enable this feature to work on your wrist are: 

  • An inbuilt microphone
  • An inbuilt speaker
  • Availability of call history
  • Inbuilt storage to sync and save relevant contacts

    TWS Connection:

    TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo, this technology enables you to pair two different audio devices with the help of a Bluetooth Connection. Now, you are all set to connect your earphones directly to your smartwatch using the feature of Bluetooth connectivity.

    TWS Connectivity

    Complete Health Suite:

    Important health information such as heart rate, SpO2 level, sleep pattern, blood pressure, etc. are know can be tracked on Fire-Boltt Premium Smartwatch.

    Health Suite

    Moreover, health reminders like a sedentary reminder and hydration reminders are also covered under the umbrella of the health suite. Women’s health care features such as monitoring the menstrual cycle that includes calculations of days and prior reminders for periods has also been included.

    Voice Assistance:

    You can call this feature a one-stop place for all your needs. Yes, you read that correctly, an AI Voice Assistance is here on Fire-Boltt Smart Watches to get things done on your command. For example: setting an alarm or a reminder, making a call for you, changing the music track, etc.

    Voice Assitance

    Smart Notifications:

    All sorts of messages, notification alerts, reminders, etc. will be portrayed on the display of your smartwatch, all thanks to the feature of “Smart Notification”! The functioning of this feature requires you to pair your smartwatch with your mobile phone via Bluetooth connectivity, once the connection is through, you are all set to enjoy a hand-free, social experience.

    100 Exclusive Sports Modes:

    Become your fittest version with the availability of multiple sports modes on your premium smartwatch. Keep a track of all the data and stats related to your workout session like the number of steps taken or calories burnt, and more, using the feature of Sports Modes.

    Water Resistance:

    With a legitimate IP Rating, Fire-Boltt Smartwatches are ready for all the accidental water splashes or even a blow of dust. Now, you can take on an adventure sport or a thrilling experience without having to worry about your smartwatch.

    Water Resistant

    Battery Life:

    A long-lasting, powerful battery capacity is there to support you at every step of the way! Whether you are a workaholic or travel enthusiast, your Fire-Boltt smartwatch will never let you down when it comes to walking along the way with you.

    Other Exciting Features:

    • Inbuilt Games
    • Weather Forecast
    • Alarm
    • Timer
    • Stopwatch
    • Camera Control
    • Remote Music Control
    • Low Battery Reminder
    • Call Rejection
    • Call Name Information
    • Wake Gesture
    • Vibration Alert
    • Do Not Disturb Mode
    • Screen Brightness


      Fire-Boltt Premium Smartwatches are there to add value to your lifestyle and make your everyday routine more efficient and interesting. Please check out all the products from our versatile catalogue and yourself India’s Best Smartwatch to match your “type”!