4 Smart Watch features that will revolutionize your life

Bluetooth Calling & Smart Notification

The Bluetooth Calling feature in a Smartwatch is one of the biggest upgrades in the progression of smartwatches. Imagine, now there isn’t any need to keep your phone in your hand all the time because the key functioning of a mobile phone, i.e., to make and attend calls is now available on your Fire-Boltt Smartwatch too.

If you are wondering ‘how is that possible’, then the answer is, the new technology of inbuilt microphone and speaker on smartwatches has made it possible to access calls without touching your phone at all. Moreover, now there is a quick dial pad for easy access with enough inbuilt storage to save contacts.

Nowadays, performing multiple tasks with the help of your Fire-Boltt Smartwatch has become feasible like never before.

The Smart Notification feature is extremely useful for people who need to stay updated and notified at all times and all places. Checking phones every now and then can become a little taxing, whereas when it is your smartwatch that is keeping you connected and informed right on your wrist, the process becomes really easier.
Keep tabs on all the applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp without the hassle of keeping the phone in your hands all the time.

Health & Fitness Assistance

Times are changing drastically due to which our lifestyle is also altering. Whether it is about our sleep routine or the physical activities we engage in during the day or about our diet. Starting from spending most of the time sitting in a chair and working for constant hours to eating processed food on daily basis, somehow, it is becoming difficult to lead a healthy life.
During the busy schedules, we forget to take out time for our mental and physical well being due to which it has become the need of the hour to now find way to keep our health and fitness in check.

A Smartwatch with the feature of health and fitness assistance is a go-to in the process of keeping tabs on your physical and mental well-being!

Following are the proficient features that a smartwatch offers you to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

  • Monitoring Heart Rate
  • Tracking Sleep Patterns
  • Monitoring Blood Oxygen Levels (SpO2)
  • Tracking Blood Pressure
  • Hydration Reminders
  • Sedentary Alerts
  • Menstrual Reminders
  • Meditative Breathing

Multiple Sports Modes: Providing you with a wide range of sports modes including indoor, outdoor or water sports, Fire-Boltt Smart watches enable you to bring a variety in your workout sessions and maintain consistency. Help to give you systematic data of all your workouts and enable you to determine your weaknesses and progresses, so that you improve accordingly.

Voice Assistance

Whatever it is that you want to ask about, ask it out because now, all the answers to your queries are available at your command. Once your smartwatch is connected to your phone, it fetches all the data from it using the phone’s internet. So, go ahead and know it all about everything you want just on your word.

With the help of this extremely beneficial feature, now you can know about the weather updates, ask your Fire-Boltt Smartwatch to play a song for you, know about the number of steps taken or calories burnt or about the data on your health relating to Heart Beat, Blood Oxygen Level, Blood Pressure, etc. without having to move your hands. Doesn’t that sound super convenient and exciting?

Fashion & Entertainment

Exclusive shades of straps, versatile shapes of dials and multiple watch faces are all you need to break the monotony. Fire-Boltt Smartwatches are a game changer in the realm of fashion and style. Introducing with an unmatchable craftsmanship that adds uniqueness to your style and makes it stand out!

In-built Games are a perfect add-on to shake off the boredom and bring some excitement to routine life. Now, whether you’re waiting in a queue or at a restaurant, you don’t need your phone or someone to make that interesting, you can simply play a variety of games on your Fire-Boltt Smartwatch and add some fun to your vacant time.


Make your life simple, efficient and interesting with Fire-Boltt Smart watches that come with exceptional features and stunning craftsmanship. So, do not hold back from raising the quality of your life and go, check out Fire-Boltt’s Smart Watches from the wide range of collections to suit your requirements in terms of features, looks and budgets.