TWS Earbud

What is TWS Earbuds?

TWS Earbud is the leading technology in the segment of audio. It gives you the liberty to move freely while you’re enjoying music or attending calls since there are no wires that are connected to each other or when with the phone. This quality alongside the powerful sound system makes it the best-selling audible product in the market.

Now, let’s get down to know what exactly TWS actually mean:

This blog is to keep you thoroughly informed about the TWS technology, and the meaning of “TWS” in the segment of earbuds.

What does TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Technology mean?

As the name suggests for itself, TWS literally means there is no need for a wire to connect the audibles with your phone. The connection is done via Bluetooth Signals in place of wires.

TWS Earbuds vs Wireless Earbuds

A pair of wireless earbuds does have a Bluetooth connection but at the same time, it has wires too, not connected with the phone but connected to each other. These wires are there to join the earbuds on both sides of each other. Whereas, the TWS Bluetooth Connection does not have such limitations as well.

TWS Earbuds do not have any connecting wires even between each other which leads us to the conclusion that you can simply wear a single piece of earbuds yourself and hand the other to somebody and enjoy music together or be a part of the same call together, much more conveniently.

Now, what are the advantages of TWS Earbuds?

1. TWS Earbuds allow absolute Liberty

You can enjoy absolute liberty since there are no wires and hence, no restriction to stay in one place or to keep your phone in your hand always. Once you are habitual of this technological liberty, there will not be any coming back to the old technology. So, now you can dance it out without the hassle of holding your phone in your hand.

2. TWS Earbuds enable multi-tasking

By now, you must have realised that this wireless technology enables you to multi-task. You can literally leave your phone on the table or on the other side of the room and complete your tasks while being on the call or listening to music. This technology has given an instant rise to your workout sessions when it comes to shaking off the boredom.

3. TWS Technology decreases the possibility of any type of Damage

The removal of wires has made the process of keeping and handling earbuds way easier than how it used to be. If you own a pair of TWS Earbuds then all the wire-related issues become irrelevant like the functioning of the jack, the connection getting interrupted frequently, etc.

Fire-Boltt is presenting a wide range of TWS Earbuds with exceptional features:

  1. Active Noise Cancellation
  2. Environmental Noise Cancellation
  3. Full Range Heavy Bass Drivers
  4. Long Standby Time
  5. Powered by Fire-Boltt Reference Sound- for Crisp Audio Quality
  6. SiperSync Technology for Fast Pairing & Instant Connection
  7. Reference Call Audio Quality powered by FIREx Technology
  8. Full Touch Control
  9. Water Resistance
  10. Classy & Compact Design


How to charge TWS Earbuds?

All you are required to do is to place your TWS earbuds into their case to charge them. Yes, it is that simple! Each earbud comes with its own specifically customised port which it carries the connection from.
In case, your earbuds are kept turned on, then you can know by the specific colour of light that it will reflect even while charging and visa-versa is the case if they are turned off.
Using a power source, you can charge your carry case, simply with the help of a USB cable which will be provided to you with the earbuds only.

How do I Pair TWS Bluetooth Headphones with my Cell Phone?

  1. Turn your earbuds on.
  2. Turn the Bluetooth connection of your phone on.
  3. Go to the Bluetooth settings and search for available devices.
  4. The name of your earbuds will appear, tap on it and pair it to your phone, and you’re all set to enjoy a wireless Bluetooth connection.
  5. Make sure the distance between your phone and the earbuds is not much.
  6. Also, check in advance if either of the devices is connected to some other gadget. First, disconnect all the other connections and then only you’ll be able to add a new device.


It is definitely going to be a smart choice to purchase a pair of TWS earbuds in place of normal wireless earbuds. Go, check-out our collection of FIREPODS with all the efficient features and outstanding designs.

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