Presenting Wearable Technology by Fire-Boltt

What is wearable technology?

Any electronic gadget which is designed to be worn on the user’s body come under the category of ‘Wearable Technology’. Fire-Boltt presents you with one of the most versatile Audio, Fitness and Fashion Products that are designed to not only enhance your look but also, add value to your lifestyle with their excellent features.

Smartwatches and their features:

Health monitoring:

These days, it has become a must to receive and track your health-related notifications like Blood Oxygen Levels, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Sleep Patterns. The COVID-19 pandemic has made all of us more aware of the importance of Health Monitoring. Fire-Boltt presents you with Smartwatches under the category of wearable technology that can definitely become your health care partner. Moreover, these smartwatches help you track calorie intake or the number of steps taken and give you important reminders like Sedentary reminders and Hydration Reminders.

Entertainment and Fashion:

With numerous Inbuilt Games, now always stay entertained. And with Multiple Watch Faces, different shades of straps and various shapes of the dial, never stay stuck in trends and create your own style. Wearable Technology is not only beneficial to use but also, shakes off the boredom and helps you style your day accordingly.

Sports and fitness. Coming with Multiple Sports Modes, Fire-Boltt’s Wearable Technology is also your Fitness Trainor. Now, do not hold back from making yourself fitter, whether you’re a runner or a player or a gym enthusiast, break a sweat without worry because we have efficient features like Water Resistance and GPS in our Smartwatches to back you up, anytime and anywhere.

Bluetooth Calling and Smart Notification:

With the help of an Inbuilt Microphone and Speaker, now make, attend and reject calls directly from your smartwatch. This is one of the biggest revelations in Wearable Technology. Also, there is easy accessibility like a quick dial pad and storage to save contacts to make it way easier for you to operate. With the help of Smart Notification, now stay connected and notified at any place and any time. All you need to do is pair your phone’s Bluetooth with Fire-Boltt’s Smartwatch’s Bluetooth and it will give you notifications of all the applications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.
Smart Features: Wearable Technology is synonymous with Smarter Lifestyle. With Smart Features on your Smartwatch like Alarm Clock, Stop Watch, Timer, Flashlight, Weather Updates, Remote Music and Camera Control, Wake Gesture, Vibration Alert, DND Mode, Screen Brightness, and much more.

Audibles and their features:

Active Environmental Noise Cancellation: Active Noise Cancellation and Environmental Noise Cancellation is used to reduce the extra noise of the surrounding and background. This Wearable Technology is one of the most useful amongst Audibles for the uninterrupted musical and calling experience.

REFERENCE™️ Sound Technology:

With up to 13 MM Drivers for powerful sound and incredible bass. Now, feel every beat and enjoy unmatchable music and calling experience.

FIREx™️ Technology:

This Wearable Technology is used in Firepods to give the users an experience of Clear Binaural HD Phone Calls. It has the feature of Noise Cancellation which blocks the unwanted noise of the surroundings and improves sound quality.

FIRECharge™️ Technology:

This Wearable Technology helps to charge your Firebuds in a minimum period and also, enhances the battery capacity which can last up to 50 hours, so zero halts in your musical therapy.

SUPERSync™️ Technology:

This Wearable Technology is helpful for the fastest pairing and instant connection to improve the experience of music and call for your better convenience.

Low Latency Mode:

Low Latency Gaming Mode up to 60 ms, so now eliminate sound lagging and enjoy a real-time sound experience. It is exclusively designed for Pro-Gamers to inflate their experience.

Other Smart Features:

Water Resistance up to IPX6, so now you can sweat it out without any worry, Voice Assistance to make it easier for you, so now you can get things done on the command of your voice, and Smart Touch Control:

  • To Play/Pause- single touch tap on either earbud
  • To forward- double touch tap on the right earbud
  • To Backward- double touch tap on the left earbud
  • To Raise the Volume- touch and hold the right earbud
  • For Voice Assistance- triple touch tap on either earbud

Give a rise to your lifestyle with Fire-Boltt’s Wearable Technology:

With the current fast pace dynamics, you need a type of Wearable Technology that will help you in the advancement of your overall lifestyle and eliminate all sorts of inconvenience. Fire-Boltt’s Smart watches and Firepods are there to serve the purpose. So, what are you waiting for… Go check out the products from our wide range of collections that can suit your requirements and give a rise to your lifestyle!