Fire-Boltt ending the year 2022 with the most awaited launch- GLADIATOR SMARTWATCH. A 1.96” HD Display with 600+ Nits Brightness to make your visual experience better than ever. With exceptional craftsmanship, and showcasing artistry in the segment of design and quality, this smartwatch will be the perfect kick-start for the NEW YEAR! 

The latest Fire-Boltt Smartwatches are as follows:

  • TANK

All the above-mentioned smartwatches have one thing in common, i.e., BRILLIANCE! Presented with the smartest features in the segment of smartwatches that will definitely help you to raise the level of your productivity and style. For example:

  • The feature of Bluetooth Calling. With the help of an inbuilt microphone and speaker, now you can make, receive and reject calls directly from your wrist also, the feature of inbuilt storage to save your important contacts and a quick dial pad will make the process even better and easier.
  • The feature of Smart Notifications. Now, you can keep tabs on anything and everything through your smartwatch itself. All you need to do is, pair the smartwatch’s Bluetooth connection with the phone’s Bluetooth connection and you are all set to receive all sorts of reminders and notifications from different applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. on your GLADIATOR SMARTWATCH.
  • Features for Health and Fitness: With a complete health suite and 123 exclusive sports modes, it is your personal fitness trainer that can help you beat an unhealthy lifestyle. It includes heart rate monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, Sleep Monitoring, Menstrual Tracking, sedentary reminder, hydration reminder and much more. Moreover, it is designed to assist you in all sorts of segments in sports, i.e., indoor, outdoor and water sports to enhance your endurance and add some variety to your workout sessions.
  • Featuring fine craftsmanship. All curves and edges are put in place to make you STAND OUT! Presented with highly textured straps that come in selective and versatile colours to match your vogue and the occasion accordingly.
  • Other Smart Features: Features like Voice Assistance, Calculator, Alarm, Multiple Watch Faces and Menu Layouts, Timer, Stopwatch, Remote Music and Camera Control, Weather Forecast, Wake Gesture, Vibration Alert, Do Not Disturb Mode, and much more. TO ADD VALUE TO YOUR LIFESTYLE!
  • Featuring Reliability & Durability: With a powerful battery capacity and IP-rated resistance for water and dust, Fire-Boltt Smartwatches are there to stick around through every step of your journey.

The all-new FIREPODS

Latest in the segment of TWS Earbuds, FIREPODS have changed the game for music lovers and gamers! With its stylish and compact looks, it is not only a device but also an accessory. Moreover, the durability and the functioning are simply fabulous. So, you can carry it anywhere, while being on a phone call or even share one of the two with someone while enjoying music. The liberty of movement and multi-tasking that the Fire-Boltt’s TWS Earplugs, i.e., FIREPODS allows is marvellous.

The exceptional features that the FIREPODS present are as follows:

  • ANC & ENC: The two terms stand for ‘Active Noise Cancellation’ and ‘Environmental Noise Cancellation’ respectively. As the names suggest, both the features help to cancel the external/unnecessary noise from the outside of the system ambience.
  • Fire-Boltt Reference Sound: This feature provides you with a clear, loud and crisp sound experience that will sweep you off your feet. Powered by a ‘Full Range Heavy Bass Driver’ that will make your musical experience way more thrilling than it already is!
  • Transparency Mode: This feature makes the external sound audible for you, almost making it sound like you have your speakers on, in place of earbuds. This feature enables you to multitask without you having to pause the music or cut a call.
  • Low Latency Mode: For all the gamers, ‘the low latency mode’ is here to beat the lagging and to make you enjoy your gaming sessions more than ever. Eliminate the incompetency of sound lagging and enjoy a real-time sound experience.
  • Water Resistance: Enjoy rain splashes or break a sweat without any fret, since your Fire-Boltt FIREPODS are there to withstand those accidental splashes with IP Rated Resistance against water and dust.
  • SuperSync Technology: Fire-Boltt SuperSync Technology will help you eradicate the unnecessary time spent on pairing and connecting your TWS earplugs with your phone. With this latest technology, eliminate the waiting time and enjoy the instant connection.
  • Fire Charge Technology: Enjoy music for the maximum time without spending unreasonable time on charging your TWS earbuds since FIREPODS are equipped with this latest technology that is introduced only to save your precious time.
  • Full Touch Control: No need to keep your phone in hand all the time, FIREPODS are equipped with the feature of ‘full touch control’ that enables you to manage your device via a touch itself. Whether you want to pause, play, stop, adjust the volume, or forward or backwards the track.

    Introducing MEGA Brand Ambassadors

    • MS DHONI

    This year, we introduced our three MEGA Brand Ambassadors and we could not have been more excited and grateful for this trio to be a part of the Fire-Boltt clan! Where Kiara Advani makes an unforgettable impression with her one-of-a-kind vogue and timeless elegance, Vijay Deverakonda is here to add the element of originality and vigour! Now come the ‘Captain Cool’, the name we all are familiar with, someone who is not only a great performer but also an extremely charismatic personality, MS DHONI! 

    Achievements, 2022.

    • IDC India’s Monthly Wearable Device Tracker, May’22 Release- Fire-Boltt became India’s Number 1 Brand in the segment of Smartwatches.
    • Arnav Kishore, Fire-Boltt’s CEO/Co-Founder made his place in the ‘Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List- Class of 2022 (Consumer Technology).
    • Counterpoint Report Q2, 2022 showcases that Fire-Boltt is the only Indian Brand that made a place in the list of ‘Top 4 Global Brands’.
    • Counterpoint Report Q2, 2022 also presents the stats, stating that one out of every 4 smartwatches sold in India is Fire-Boltt, making Fire-Boltt the BIGGEST SELLER of smartwatches in the nation.