Fire-Boltt Mercury SmartWatch


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Fire-Boltt Mercury features 43mm (1.7″) HD display, SpO2 monitor, HR Monitor, Sleep Tracker, Body Temperature measurement, Active Sports Mode, Sedentary Alerts and much more



Fire-Boltt Mercury comes with 43mm (1.7”) HD Full-Touch colour display featuring complete capacitive touch, experience and touch responsiveness, supporting taps and swipes, so it is easy to read and operate.

143mm (1.7") HD Display


Breathe easier with built-in oxygen measurement Fire-Boltt Beast uses proprietary technology to estimate your SpO2 levels, or the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream. Because this oxygen saturation is directly linked to physical performance, you can use Fire-Boltt Beast to push your routine to the next level.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Why do you need it? 

Measuring your blood oxygen levels regularly allows you to assess your overall health, so that you take early action if required. As an indicator of your overall wellness, it helps you understand the amount of oxygen your body absorbs on a daily basis. Your blood oxygen level is a primary indicator of your overall wellness. It can help you analyse how well your body is absorbing oxygen and the amount of oxygen delivered to your body. This remarkable function allows you to take on-demand readings of your blood oxygen along with the background readings, day and night.


How does it work?

The SpO2 sensor comprises of an LED and dual photobodies embedded on the back of the watch. The infrared LED penetrates deep into your skin, shining light on your blood vessels when you have it strapped on. The photobodies then measure the quantity of the reflected light and calculate the total amount of blood oxygen in your body.



The improved temperature monitoring feature is ideally designed for this smartwatch which enables you to measure your body's temperature.

Body Temperature Monitoring

Heart rate tracking for peace of mind

Monitoring your health is at the core of Fire-Boltt Mercury with photodiodes on the rear side of a new curved design that moulds to your wrist. Health monitoring keeps an eye on your heart rate and sends you an alert whenever it goes above or below normal levels.

24/7 Heart Rate Tracking

Fitness at its best

When it comes to staying fit, knowledge is the power. Get motivation to keep moving and track your workout metrics more precisely than ever — At the gym or out on the road. To help you be your best. Fire-Boltt Mercury tracks your movements so you can just slip it on and get working out.

Multiple Sports Modes

A better night for a better day

A good sleep is the start of good health. The sleep monitor tracks your total sleep time while providing the number of hours you spend in light, deep and REM sleep. Track your sleep pattern overtime and stay away from triggers that disrupt your sleep cycle.

Sleep Monitoring

Live a connected life

Fire-Boltt Mercury makes the right connections and keeps you in loop with every message, call and social media notifications when you don’t have your phone on you.

Smart Notifications


Once charged, Fire-Boltt Mercury works with you for 8 straight days without a break. With 30 days standby time.

8 Days Normal Use
30 Days Standby Time

Take your watch along on the road less travelled!

Fire-Boltt Mercury goes where you go with an IP67 and dust rating plus military grade durability to handle a range of conditions, so you can keep it on to go farther and experience more.

IP67 Water Resistant

Take your music with you

Play music while paired to your phone and Enjoy uninterrupted music while working out or while working from home.

Music Control

Brighter Than ALL

Crystal clear HD screen paired with a high brightness display. Never miss out on anything even in the most sunny days.

Adjust Brightness

Take a Weather Check

Get constant weather updates on your watch when paired with your phone. Always know about the rain ahead of time and shine bright in those sunny days.

Weather Update

Remote Camera Control

Click great-looking photos by controlling your device's camera right from your watch.

Camera Control

Never miss a thing

Let the countdown begin with a quick and easy stopwatch mode to track your workouts. Set Alarms for daily tasks to never miss anything.

Alarm Clock

Personal Reminder

Set daily reminders to always stay ahead of your plan. Reminders will nudge you to move more, drink more water. It can also help women keep a track of menstrual cycles.

Sedentary Reminder
Drink Water Reminder
Menstrual Reminder

Illuminate the world around you

With an emergency flash light, never walk the dark again. Simply tap on the flashlight option in the watch to turn on the flashlight screen.


Apps to make you go beyond

Connect your Watch with Dafit App to track all your health vitals, change watch faces and settings. Or use the Boltt Play App to access workouts, challenges, and earn rewards for every step you take.

  • Generic Product Name: Smart Watch
  • Net Quantity: 1 U
  • Net Contents: Smart Watch 1 U, Manual 1 U, Warranty Card 1 U, Charging Cable 1 U
  • Imported & Marketed By: Savex Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Registered Address: 124, Maker Chambers III, Nariman Point, Mumbai, PIN - 400021 Maharashtra, India.
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Customer Care Contact Details: The Customer Care Manager,
  • Telephone Number: 022 4896 5957
  • Email:
  • Address: C/O Boltt Customer Care Department, 317 - Platinum Techno Park, Sector 30A, Bhagwan Mahaveer Road, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, PIN 400703 Maharashtra, India
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  • Width - 36.4mm
  • Height - 44.9mm
  • Thickness - 8.8mm
  • Diameter - 45mm
  • Weight - 80 grams


  • 1.7" HD Display
  • Full Touch Screen


  • Bluetooth Version 5.0


  • SpO2 Monitoring & Heart Rate Tracking
  • Optical Heart Rate  
  • Capacitive Sensor  
  • Body Temperature Monitoring


  • Typical Usage Time  8 days  
  • Standby Time  Up to 30 days  
  • Charging Cradle  
  • Magnetic Charging


  • IP68 Water Proof


  • It is compatible with android 5.0 or above, iOS 8.0 or above


  • 24/7 Dynamic Monitoring & Manual Monitoring  
  • Step Tracker  
  • Calories Burned  
  • Distance Travelled  
  • Activity History  
  • Sleep Monitor  
  • Sports Mode 
  • Tracking & Reminder


  • Caller Name Information  
  • Call Rejection  
  • Find my Phone Feature  
  • Low Battery Reminder  
  • Remote Music Control 
  • Sedentary Reminder  
  • Weather Forecast  
  • Stopwatch  Reminder  
  • Timer  
  • Alarm  
  • Wake Gesture  
  • Vibration Alert  
  • Do not Disturb Mode  
  • Screen Brightness  

1 Year Warranty

Our products go through multiple levels of Quality Check to ensure that you get the best. But in case, you have any issue with the product, we provide 1 year of manufacturer warranty and excellent customer service.



Does Fire-Boltt Mercury have a full touch screen display?

  • Yes, Fire-Boltt Mercury features a full touch screen display.

Is Fire-Boltt Mercury shockproof?

  • No, Fire-Boltt Mercury is not shockproof. Please avoid dropping it from a height as the watch may get damaged.

Is Fire-Boltt Mercury waterproof?

  • Yes. Yes it has an IP68 rating. Devices backed by an international standard rating of IP68 are deemed fit enough to withstand dust, dirt and sand, and are resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1m underwater for up to thirty minutes. Note: it can be used in shower. However, do avoid sauna, hot water bath and ocean water as the moisture and salty water can damage the band.          

Can Fire-Boltt Mercury be used while swimming?

  • Yes, you can use your Fire-Boltt BSW006 while swimming. The Fire-Boltt BSW006 is IP68 rated and splash resistant only. Devices backed by an international standard rating of IP67 are deemed fit enough to withstand dust, dirt and sand, and are resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1m underwater for up to thirty minutes.  


Can I take a photo with Fire-Boltt Mercury?

  • Fire-Boltt Mercury does not feature a camera.

What all notifications can I get on my Fire-Boltt Mercury?

  • You get notifications for SMS, Calls, calendar, email, WhatsaApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, FB messenger, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Viber, Gmail, Outlook, Snapchat Telegram and Slack, as long as the notification feature is turned on and your phone and smartwatch are in Bluetooth range and in sync.

Can we reject calls from Fire-Boltt Mercury?

  • Yes, you can reject calls from the smartwatch.

Does it have a phone tracking option?

  • Yes. Turn on the watch screen. Swipe up, select Find my Phone. However, this will only work if your phone and smartwatch are connected via Bluetooth and in range.

Does Fire-Boltt Mercury have Gesture control?

  • Yes, Fire-Boltt Mercury comes with a Gesture control that turns on the display when you raise your wrist to look at the screen.

Can Fire-Boltt Mercury store and play music?

  • Fire-Boltt Mercury has a remote music control feature that controls music and the track volume playing on your phone as long as your smartphone and smartwatch are in Bluetooth range. However, it cannot be used to store music.

Can I use my earbuds and my Fire-Boltt Mercury at a time with the same smartphone?

  • Yes, both earbuds and Fire-Boltt Mercury can be paired with your smartphone at the same time.

What is the Bluetooth range of Fire-Boltt Mercury?

  • The Bluetooth range of Fire-Boltt Mercury is 10 meters.

Can it play music to Bluetooth headset?

  • Fire-Boltt Mercury can control the music played through your smartphone as long as it is connected and synced with the app. The Fire-Boltt Mercury can also control music played via Bluetooth headset as long as the smartphone is paired with earphones and the smartwatch.

Does it have an always-on screen feature?

  • No, Fire-Boltt Mercury does not have an always-on screen.

Can we change the watch face?

  • Yes, you can change the watch faces from the Da fit App. It has over 100+ customisable unique watch faces.

How do I increase brightness of my Fire-Boltt Mercury?

  • You can set the brightness from the watch. Turn on the watch screen, go to Setting and select Brightness and adjust it as per your convenience.

How do I use the stopwatch on my Fire-Boltt Mercury?

  • Go to Stopwatch on your smartwatch. Press Play to start. Press Lap to create laps. Press Play again to pause. Tap Stopwatch to go back. See how it's done in this video here

What sensors does the Fire-Boltt Mercury have?

  • Fire-Boltt Mercury features Body Temperature Sensor,HR sensor, Accelerometer and SpO2 sensor.

Does Fire-Boltt Mercury have GPS?

  • No, Fire-Boltt Mercury does not have GPS.

What are the accessories included with Fire-Boltt Mercury?

  • Fire-Boltt Mercury comes with one user manual and magnetic charging cable.

Can I reduce vibration level in my Fire-Boltt Mercury?

  • No, there is no option to reduce the vibration level in Fire-Boltt Mercury.


How do I set up my Fire-Boltt Mercury device?

  • Before setting up make sure that your smartphone and Fire-Boltt Mercury are charged and next to each other. Connect the charging cable to turn on the watch. Download the DaFit app in your smartphone. Open the Da Fit app and allow the Bluetooth and GPS positioning to be turned on. Feed in your personal information and health goals in the app. Go to add device page in the app and select the device type and link the watch. See how it's done in this video here.

Why won't my Fire-Boltt Mercury device sync?

  • This may be because it lost Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone. For a stable connection, please ensure that the Da Fit app is running and locked in the background.

Why can't I set up my Fire-Boltt Mercury device?

  • Reset your Fire-Boltt Mercury and try again.

Why didn't my Fire-Boltt Mercury device alert me?

  • Possibly due to Bluetooth connectivity loss. Ensure that your watch & phone are within Bluetooth range with the alerts turned on in the App, which is kept running & locked in the background (Android). Also check if the DND is turned off or not.

How do I restart my Fire-Boltt Mercury?

  • You can restart your Fire-Boltt Mercury smartwatch by following these steps. Turn on the watch screen. Swipe up, select Settings. Go to Restart and choose to restart.

How do I turn off my Fire-Boltt Mercury?

  • Turn on the watch screen, go to Setting and select Power Off and choose to power off.

How do I reset my Fire-Boltt Mercury?

  • You can reset Fire-Boltt Mercury from the watch. Go to Setting, select Reset and choose to reset.


What is the battery capacity and standby time?

  • It has a battery life of 8-day & 360 hours standby. Stand-by time is the maximum tested time that a single charge will last when the smartwatch is used as a regular watch.

How do I know when my device is charged?

  • Fire-Boltt Mercury takes approximately 2 hours to charge completely. It will display a 100% Charged message once the battery is at full capacity. Please do not use a fast charging adapter to prevent device damage.

How do I check the battery level on my Fire-Boltt Mercury device?

  • Turn on the screen and swipe up to check the battery level on your Fire-Boltt Mercury.

How can I extend my Fire-Boltt Mercury device's battery life?

  • You can extend the battery life in your device by turning down the brightness level and turning off the All-Day Heart Rate measurement.

Which adaptor should I use to charge my Fire-Boltt Mercury?

  • Please use a low power adapter or you can plug in the charging cable into a laptop or PC USB port. Do not use a fast charging adapter as it may damage the watch in the long run.


How does Fire-Boltt Mercury sync data?

  • Fire-Boltt Mercury syncs data over a Bluetooth connection with Da Fit app.

Does the watch sync with any other app?

  • Yes, it can sync with Google Fit and Apple Health via Da Fit App.


Does Fire-Boltt Mercury show notifications from social networking apps?

  • Fire-Boltt Mercury shows push notifications from social networking apps that have been synced with the Da Fit. Please ensure that the Da Fit app is running and locked in the background (Android).

Why isn't Fire-Boltt Mercury receiving notifications from my phone?

  • Possibly due to Bluetooth connectivity loss. Ensure that your watch & phone are within Bluetooth range with the alerts turned on in the app, which is kept running & locked in the background (Android). Also check whether the DND in the smartwatch is turned on or not.

Can we see messages and caller info from my phone on the smartwatch?

  • Yes, you can see messages and caller information on your smartwatch as long as the watch is synced with the Da Fit app and is within Bluetooth range.

How can we see the caller information?

  • Turn on the call notification feature on the Da Fit app to see incoming call information.

Can I read incoming messages on my Fire-Boltt Mercury or will I only receive message notifications?

  • You will be notified of new messages on your Fire-Boltt Mercury once it is connected with the Da Fit app. You can read the message at the time you receive a notification. You also have the option to see previously received notifications.


What's the name of the app?

  • The name of the app is Da Fit.

How do I manage my Da Fit profile?

  • You can manage the Da Fit profile from the app. Open the App, go to Settings and Profile and manage your profile.

How do I track my workouts with my Da Fit app?

  • You can track your workout on the Daily Report section of the app. Open the Da Fit app. Go to the Daily Report section of the page and get your daily report.


What is the function of SpO2?

  • SpO2 monitor measures the oxygen level in your blood.

How does Fire-Boltt Mercury estimate how many calories I've burned?

  • Fire-Boltt Mercury estimates the number of calories burned based on your heart rate, activity duration, steps taken, distance covered, height, weight and age.

How do I track my heart rate with my Fire-Boltt Mercury?

  • Fire-Boltt Mercury can detect heart rate both manually or automatically. You can track your heart rate with Da Fit App.

Why don't I see my heart rate on my Fire-Boltt Mercury?

  • You can see heart rate on your Fire-Boltt Mercury smartwatch provided you are wearing it on your wrist and there is no space between the watch and wrist. For detailed analysis, you can check the Da Fit app.

Does this watch synchronize the sleep if the app is not connected?

  • Yes, Fire-Boltt Mercury will measure your sleep even if not connected with the app. The data will be synced to the app, once connected. You can also view your daily sleep data on your smartwatch.

Does it have a Pedometer?

  • Yes, Fire-Boltt Mercury comes with an in-built pedometer.

Does it have a body temperature measurement feature?

  • Yes, It has a body temperature measurement feature.

Does Fire-Boltt Mercury has female health tracking option?

  • Yes, Fire-Boltt Mercury comes with a female health tracking feature.


Is Fire-Boltt Mercury compatible with iPhone?

  • Fire-Boltt Mercury is compatible with all iPhones running on iOS 8.0 and above.

Is Fire-Boltt Mercury compatible with Android?

  • Fire-Boltt Mercury is compatible with all Android phones running on Android version 5.0 and above.


Is there a warranty for this product?

  • Yes, there is a 1-year manufacturing warranty from the date of delivery of the product.

Where do I register for the product warranty?

  • You can register your warranty here


  • Fire-Boltt Mercury has an IP68 rating. Devices backed by an international standard rating of IP68 are deemed fit enough to withstand dust, dirt and sand, and are resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1m underwater for up to thirty minutes. If the device or your hands are wet, they must be dried thoroughly before handling. Note: Avoid using the watch during scuba diving or high-speed water sport.
  • Fire-Boltt Mercury is meant for only general wellness and fitness purposes and not for medical purposes.
  • To get the best user experience of Fire-Boltt Mercury sync with the Da Fit and pair it with your compatible smartphone.
  • Battery life varies with use and other factors.
  • Fire-Boltt Mercury takes approx. 2 hours to charge.
  • 24/7 Heart Rate monitor tracks your Heart Rate at an interval of 5 minutes.
  • The actual product may differ slightly in appearance to illustrations/pictures provided.

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