Fire Pods Ninja G201 – Best TWS Earbud under 2000

Fire-Boltt is presenting FIRE PODS- the kind of earbuds that are exclusively designed considering all the requirements in terms of looks, features and budgets. FIRE PODS NINJA G201 with its outstanding features, and design.

First, let’s get to know: What is TWS Technology?

TWS stands for TRUE WIRELESS STEREO. Now, how is it different from regular Bluetooth Earbuds? In regular Bluetooth Earbuds, there is a wire that connects the left-side earbud to the right-side earbud for the connection to stay intact. Whereas, in TWS Earbuds, there is no such need for a wired connection at all.

So, you can literally hand over one piece of your audible device to someone else too, and enjoy music or attend calls together without any hassle.

Advantages of TWS Earbuds

  • Helps you to multitask.
  • Reduces the risk associated with a wired connection.
  • It allows complete freedom of movement.

Now, Fire-Boltt has arrived with The Best TWS under 2000: FIRE PODS NINJA G201. Let’s take a look at the unmatchable features:

Playback time:

24 hours of playback time and 240 hours of long standby time. So, now you have to charge your FIRE PODS NINJA G201 only once a day and enjoy the music for the rest of the day. Whether you’re a traveller or a workaholic, there is no need to keep worrying about charging your device every now and then. You can enjoy carefreely with FIRE PODS NINJA G201- THE BEST TWS UNDER 2000.

13mm Drivers:

Equipped with 13mm, full range, heavy bass drivers. Enhance your sound experience like never before. Listen to each beat and never stop having a therapeutic musical session when you have the Best TWS under 2000 by your side.

FIREx™ Technology:

Presenting FIREx™ Technology for Clear Binaural HD Phone Calls. There is an inbuilt microphone in FIRE PODS NINJA G201, so the process of making and receiving calls is as easy as listening to music on audible devices. Now, it has become way more convenient for you to take meetings via your FIRE PODS with its exceptional sound quality. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, this technology has got you covered in terms of making or attending smooth calls.

FIRECharge™ Technology:

With FIRECharge™ Technology, the FIRE PODS NINJA G201 gets charged faster than ever and lasts up to 24 hours. So, if you’re someone who likes to keep their earbuds on all the time, this is a perfect device for you that will get charged faster than you will know and then, you can enjoy a hand-free experience of music and calls, all day long on the best TWS under 2000.

Bluetooth 5.1:

Introducing Bluetooth 5.1 that connects your FIRE PODS NINJA G201 to your phone the moment it leaves the charging case. This advanced technology of Bluetooth 5.1 has a listening experience of Low Latency and more importantly, a stable connection.

SUPERSync™ Technology:

With the help of the SUPERSync™ Technology, the FIRE PODS NINJA G201 gets paired with no time. Now, there is no longer a need to keep searching for your device’s name on your phone and keep repairing when you have the best TWS under 2000 with amazing technology for the fastest pairing.

Smart Touch Control:

Now, take complete control of your FIRE PODS NINJA G201 in your hand. With the unmatchable feature of smart touch control, you don’t need to take out your phone every time you want to play or pause the music, for a backward or forward shift, to raise or lower the volume, all of it can be done by simply tapping on the earbuds following the respective instructions for each one

Voice Assistance:

Talking about being the best TWS under 2000 in the market, FIRE PODS NINJA G201 comes with the smartest features and one of which is Voice Assistance. Now, you can simply get things done at the command of your voice and increase the productivity and efficiency of your day with smart working in place of hard-working

IPX4 Water Resistance:

We all are aware of the combination of workout sessions and music. Now, break a sweat carefreely with your FIRE PODS NINJA G201 plugged in because this smart device is designed with IPX4 Water Resistance for you. So, whether you want to enjoy monsoon with music or sweat it out in the gym or on the field, have music to add to the energy of enthusiasm.


Coming in Matt Finish and designed Compactly to enhance the look of your outfits and add class to your style. Moreover, it fits easily in your ears to stay intact without falling and also gives your whole look a slick touch. Comes in three exclusive shades, i.e., Black, White and Pink.


FIRE PODS NINJA G201 are the Best TWS under 2000 with unique designs, versatile colours and outstanding features that mentioned above. Specially designed to match the current requirements of audible devices and suit your budget. So, do not wait anymore and add this smart deal to your purchase list right away!