Fire-Boltt ft. Best TWS Earbuds

Fire-Boltt has arrived with the Best TWS Earbuds in terms of quality, durability and looks of our products. Comes with a perfect fit and commendable attributes all at budget-friendly prices so, you will be driven to purchase such a product!

Let’s get to know the meaning of ‘TWS’

TWS translates to ‘TRUE WIRELESS STEREO’ wherein you do not require a wired connection with any other device as well as between the earbuds. The connection takes place via Bluetooth Signals in place of cables in order to carry the sound. The Best TWS Earbuds introduced by Fire-Boltt will definitely amaze you with their exceptional features and unmatchable designs.

Benefits of TWS Earbuds

  • Raise the level of DURABILITY by eliminating all the risks associated with the wired earplugs in terms of broken wires or defective jack sockets.
  • Enable MULTI-TASKING! You can simply leave one piece of the pair in another room with someone else while being on the same call or listening to the music.
  • Allows LIBERTY in terms of movement. You can literally dance or carry your workout sessions without the worry of being tried to a device.
  • EASY TO CARRY! TWS earbuds make it way easier for you to carry them around without fretting over the process of untangling the wires.
  • Looks STYLISH! Wireless Earbuds look more stylish, almost like accessories with multiple colours and designs that are not there to only make you look good but also allow you to enjoy MUSICAL THERAPY!

Fire-Boltt has it all covered for you. Enjoy all the benefits of owning the Best TWS Earbuds with all the other exceptional features.


ANC stands for Active Noise Cancellation and ENC stands for Environmental Noise Cancellation. These two are one of the most popular features amongst the audible gadgets that uplift your musical experience to a whole another level. With the cancellation of all the external noises, you are all set to zone out to another world with your favourite music on!

Quad Mic:

The Quad Mic set-up helps to reduce the ambient sounds in order to improve your calling experience. This advanced technology is one of the latest upgrades in the category of the Best TWS Earbuds.

Fire-Boltt Reference Sound:

Powered by Fire-Boltt Reference Sound for a sound experience that is crisp, loud and clear. Presenting a Full Range Heavy Bass Driver to give you a thrilling musical exposure.

Transparency Mode:

When the transparency mode is activated, the outside noise is audible as well on your earbuds that enables a multi-dimensional hearing experience! It’s almost like listening to the audio via speakers, so they can multi-task while enjoying the music, they talk to someone or observe other things around them too.

Low Latency Mode:

Here’s to all the gamers out there! Experience a real-time gaming exposure with the Best TWS Earbuds presented by Fire-Boltt. With the Low Latency Mode on your earbuds, the sound lagging is completely eliminated!

Water Resistance:

While breaking the sweat, enjoying the monsoons or taking a dive, don’t think twice before tuning in with your Water Proof Fire-Boltt Earbuds.

SuperSync Technology:

Fire-Boltt SuperSync Technology is there to eradicate the time you spend on pairing and connecting your earbuds with another device. Enjoy the instant connection and avoid waiting with this latest technology!

Fire Charge Technology:

The Best TWS Earbuds introduced by Fire-Boltt, powered by Fire Charge Technology are all you need if you’re a music lover. The minimum amount of time spent on charging your earbuds to enjoy the music for the maximum span of time!

Full Touch Control including Volume:

With this exceptional technology in the Best TWS Earbuds introduced by Fire-Boltt, the need to keep your phone in your hands has totally vanished! Starting from controlling the volume to changing the music, you can literally control everything just with a touch!


Fire-Boltt earbuds are versatile and fashionable in terms of colours, designs and sizes. Whether you’re a person of contemporary style or classic fashion, Fire-Boltt has got it all covered for you! Ranging from glossy to matte finish, we have all types available for you!


The Best TWS Earbuds in India presented by Fire-Boltt are all you need to change the game of your music experience! Do not wait anymore to uplift your mood and go check-out Fire-Boltt’s Earbuds ASAP!