MS Dhoni X Fire-Boltt

Fire-Boltt X MS Dhoni

Fire-Boltt is supremely honoured to announce the newest face of the brand, the leading FIRE-CRACKER, THE LEGEND himself, who is widely known as “CAPTAIN COOL”, MS Dhoni. Mahindra Singh Dhoni, The Best Captain ever seen in the history of Indian Cricket has not only set a benchmark in the arena of leadership but also, set the bar of performance extraordinarily high!

This is why, he has also been called “THALLA”, a word in the Tamil language that translates to “LEADER”, since his guidance has led CHENNAI SUPER KINGS to prominent victories in 2010, 2011, 2018 and 2021 during the Indian Premier League. 


With the entry of MS Dhoni, A Game Changer of Indian cricket team, the time changed for us forever! He has beaten the odds and broken all the records when it came to making a name for the nation.

Following the same path of inspiration and hard work, Fire-Boltt has also changed the game in the segment of smartwatches and notched up the bar of QUALITY & CRAFTSMANSHIP to another level!


Perfect timing is a matter of perfect judgement. Whether it is on the field or in life. To honour Jersey Number 7 and the skill of managing time better than anyone in the world, the date, November 7, 2022 was picked for the collaboration of two major names of the nation, MS Dhoni X Fire-Boltt that form a DYNAMIC DUO!

Following the lead of India’s best captain, Fire-Boltt has also been able to maintain the position of THE NUMBER 1 SMARTWATCH BRAND in India for two years in a row. In addition to being the biggest smartwatch brand in the nation, it is also the FASTEST GROWING SMARTWATCH BRAND across the globe!


Alike MS Dhoni performs so effortlessly and efficiently on the field, Fire-Boltt is also introducing the best smartwatches in every segment that will make your lifestyle way more effortless and efficient! With the remarkable features presented by Fire-Boltt, there has been a significant improvement in the quality of life.

Starting from the best displays of various types like AMOLED, HD, LTPS, etc. to the fine craftsmanship in terms of designs and the material of the product, it is the perfect game changer you need to leave an impression.

Moreover, it is equipped with an inbuilt HEALTH SUIT that includes, HR Monitoring, Sleep Monitoring, SpO2 Monitoring, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Meditative Breathing, Female Health Care, Health Reminders for Hydration, Movement, etc.

Now, when you have all the data and stats related to your health, it becomes way easier for you to maintain fitness. For that, Fire-Boltt smartwatches enable you to pick your favourite type of workout, ranging from outdoors to indoors to underwater with the help of MULTIPLE SPORTS MODES.

It allows you to multitask with one of the most revolutionary features, BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY! With this, you can stay informed and connected to the world via your wrist itself.

Furthermore, with the availability of proficient features like an inbuilt microphone, speaker, storage and quick dial pad, the process of making and receiving phone calls without keeping the mobile phone handy seems magical.

Finally, THE DURABILITY is such that it can back you up for the maximum number of days without any fret about the weather since it comes with a solid battery capacity and a legitimate IP rating against water splashes and dust.

Fire-Boltt, MS Dhoni & A Step Towards Victory

The collaboration of THE BESTS is here to serve you with the best! So, do not hold back from making a move towards victory with Fire-Boltt and MS Dhoni on board, put the best smartwatch on your wrist and stand-out like never before!

For more details, check out the products from our catalogue and pick your favourite smartwatch from the wide range of collection.

MS Dhoni X Fire-Boltt
Fire-Boltt is supremely honoured to announce the newest face of the brand, the leading FIRE-CRACKER, THE LEGEND himself, who is widely known as “CA...
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