How to use a smartwatch?

In order to operate a smartwatch, first, you need to own a smartphone. Then, you install the application that comes along with the Smartwatch on your phone and links it to both devices. Secondly, you connect the Bluetooth of your smartwatch with that of your phone to synchronize the data on your phone with your Smartwatch.

Now, after the connection is through, you will start receiving all the notifications on the screen of your smartwatch that are coming from your smartphone. For instance, you can read messages from different applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. and check emails. Also, you can keep a tab on your calendar schedule to stay on track.

Nowadays, there are smartwatches available in the market that not only come with a regular Bluetooth connection but also, have an inbuilt microphone and speaker, a quick dial pad and sufficient storage to save contacts to enable you to make, attend and reject calls too.
That has been one of the finest upgrades in the growth of smartwatch technology.

Fire-Boltt smart watches with Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth technology

Fire-Boltt Bluetooth calling series have this Bluetooth Calling Technology which has made the process of communication way more convenient and efficient. Simply connect your Fire-Boltt Smartwatch with your smartphone and enjoy all the functions of a mobile phone on your watch itself. For instance, checking notifications and messages, making, attending, and rejecting calls, controlling the camera and music directly from your watch, TWS pairing for your headset, and a lot more.

How to charge your Fire-Boltt smartwatch?

Fire Charge

Your Fire-Boltt Smartwatch will come with a cable to charge that will have a ‘Magnetic Suction Charging Technology’. So, all you need to do is, simply hold the connector towards the backside of your smartwatch where the magnet is placed and it will automatically be put on the right spot where the magnet draws the connection by itself.

Other astonishing features on Fire-Boltt smartwatches


Presenting an advanced revelation in the area of smartwatch displays, Fire-Boltt has come with a series of AMOLED and HIGH-RESOLUTION DISPLAYS. Now, enjoy a comfortable view and protect your eyes sight from unclear vision. Not only good for the health of your eyes but also looks outstanding in comparison to a regular display

Health assistance

Nowadays, it has become mandatory to keep a close check on your health considering the fast pace lifestyle in terms of food habits, physical activities and the environmental factors like various types of pollution. In order to lead a healthy life, it is very important that we constantly monitor our health and fitness so that we can stay equipped in advance for any upcoming mishappening.
The easiest way to keep a tab on your health and fitness is by owning A FIRE-BOLTT SMARTWATCH WITH HEALTH MONITORING FEATURES.

For instance

- Heart Rate Monitoring
- SpO2 Monitoring
- Blood Pressure Monitoring
- Meditative Breathing
- Menstrual Tracking
- Sleep Pattern Tracking

Multiple sports modes

Fire-Boltt Smartwatches present you with multiple sports modes including indoor, outdoor and water sports. Starting from field sports to gym exercises to yoga to aerobics, it has got everything covered under the smart feature of MULTIPLE SPORTS MODES.
So, now you can track any type of workout on your Fire-Boltt Smartwatch and get to know the crucial information like the number of steps taken or the number of calories burnt. Also, you will be well aware of the shortcomings so that you can improve your training accordingly to achieve your fitness goals.

Water resistance

Now, with the WATER-RESISTANT SMARTWATCHES BY FIRE-BOLTT, enjoy your work-out sessions without worrying about the moisture or splashes. Whether you want to dive deep or enjoy the monsoon, no need to take off your smartwatch because now, it is splash-proof!


Introducing the stunning looks coming with versatile colours and shapes, now style each outfit according to the ambience and mood of the day. Alongside, the textured strap made with the finest quality material, the laminated display and luxurious designs, there are MULTIPLE WATCH FACES available to go with each and every occasion, whether it is formal or informal. All you need to stand out amongst the crowd is your FIRE-BOLTT SMARTWATCH with its classy craftsmanship and looks.

Other Smart Features

  • Camera Control
  • Music Control
  • Multiple Menu Layouts
  • Alarm
  • Stop Watch
  • Calculator
  • Weather Update
  • Flashlight

Battery Capacity

Fire-Boltt Smartwatches come with a solid and long-lasting BATTERY CAPACITY AND BACK-UP. Now, you can keep going on a roll of your busy schedule or travel carefreely without worrying about charging your smartwatch every now and then.
When being put on the power saving mode, the standby time of Fire-Boltt Smartwatches becomes unmatchable in comparison to others. So, even if you’re at a remote location or on a long flight, enjoy the hassle-free, on-going battery life to keep operating your smartwatch. 


Owning a smartwatch in the current times has become a must considering its smart features that almost replace all the functionalities of mobile phones. Hopefully, this blog has helped you to understand the functioning and need of owning a smartwatch.

Fire-Boltt Smart watches are a game-changer on your wrist. So, don’t wait anymore and go get yourself a Fire-Boltt Smartwatch that suits your requirements in terms of features, looks and budget. HURRY UP!